France – Perfect Place For Lovers

The Pyrenees Mountain Range in France

If you really want to see the number one tourist destination of the world, then you should plan a visit to France. The reason of why it is the number one tourist destination is simple because it has attractions for all tastes. Some of the greatest beaches of Europe are found in France. It has amazing historical places that attract the tourist from all around the world. The mountains of France are very attractive. French cities are the most striking cities of the world. The landscapes of France are just amazing and peaceful. It has splendid forts and beautiful rivers. No other country of Europe has more hotels than France.

You will find everything in France and that’s the reason why it is the number one tourist destination of the world. You can plan to spend your holidays in France. You will find all type of adventures here like hiking, climbing, kayaking or cycling etc.



Paris is the capital city of France. It is the most interesting city in the world. It has monuments that attract the people. You will never get exhausted while visiting Paris for a week, month or a year. Paris is the heart of France. Other than Paris, France has much more for its visitors.

Cultural Tourism in France:

Chateau of Chenonceau in Loire Valley, France

Paris does not contain all the French museums and art galleries. The collection of the artworks is spread throughout the country. Planning holiday in France is a brilliant idea for those who want to see the historical monuments, the great cathedrals, the beautiful castles and thousands of other historical sites that are just waiting to be discovered should visit France immediately. The châteaux of the Loire (in the Centre region of France) is an amazing historical site to visit. Steam railway is another amazing adventure for the people to enjoy the trip.

The French Seaside:

French Riviera

The Mediterranean beaches of France are seen heavily crowded in July and August, similarly famous resorts of Provence and the French Riviera. Whereas the beach of Languedoc are not as crowded. You can enjoy the soothing waves and tides at Brittany beaches. Some other beaches in south of the Loire and in the region of Poitou-Charentes and Aquitaine are worth to be visited.


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